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‘The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ Eleanor Roosevelt.At Aramaia International Residential School, We create a respectful, better, loving and caring world with the wisdom of progressive Gurukulam pedagogical practices, diversity and creativity. We highly value each learner’s unique qualities, amazing talents and ambitions of life. We capacitate each pupil to envisage beyond the stars. In a family atmosphere of respectful and loving Guru- Shishya bond of happy relationship, we carefully assist each one of them to pursue her/his dreams with loving Passion of humanitarian concern and discover their inner calling.

We are fully prepared to creating lofty standards of ignited ethical and responsible youngsters. With an innovative 21st century learning blended with Indian Gurukulam system of learning, we fully prepare and adequately equip each student with noble qualities, high moral values and intellectual expertise to take on the challenges of highly sophisticated technology and scientific advancement of the present scenario. Individual attention, love, care and life beguiling motivational presence and guidance will make the student unambiguously confident to excel and succeed in life.

Responsible social living, life-enriched happy and healthy environment, team learning, excellent interpersonal communications and enhanced positive qualities of supreme creativity will magnify broadened knowledge, life skills and fire of motivation for higher responsible actions. Brainstorming activities, psycho-spiritual sessions, student friendly approach and various co-curricular activities will facilitate higher degree of self-esteem and self-confidence that in turn will transform the pupil into an integral personality with bountiful of positive, creative, transformative, holistic, attitude and vision of life. Sow a loving thought - repeat a thoughtful action. Sow an action - repeat a fruitful habit. Sow a habit - repeat a glorious character. Sow a character - repeat a meaningful destiny. Together Let us explore the beauty of the dreams of our dignified personalities.

Fr. Vinoj Mathoor Chacko MCBS

Principal Aramaia International Residential School 

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